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PUBG Reverts Footstep Sound Changes After Player Criticism

03 Oct, 2019

The latest 4.3 update had introduced a new footstep soundcurve feature, which reduces the sound of footsteps as players move out of the limit of audible range. However, the update disrupted the game’s audio and players were unable to understand whether an enemy was close or far away.


Many players criticized the new update and some even uninstalled the game. However, PUBG Community Manager, Hawkinz, responded to the criticism. In a Reddit Thread, a user had said that they have uninstalled the game and Hawkinz had replied, “We are aware there are still sound issues, these are being investigated by the sound engineering team with a high priority.” He further added, “The new footstep sound curve hasn't been received well, we acknowledge this and the team is looking at addressing this feedback ASAP but is still evaluating what the next step is.” Also, PUBG Support had tweeted that they are investigating the sound and footstep issues and are working to fix it as soon as possible.

PUBG has now listened to player feedback and reverted the footstep sound changes that were implemented in the 4.3 update. PUBG Support has also posted on Twitter that a bug fix has been applied to play correct sounds based on the type of surface material. Also, the ledge grab sound effect is improved according to player feedback. Source : IGN

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