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22 Jan, 2020

PUBG Lite has released a new update that brings in several new features including the second season of Lite Pass and the Survival Title game mode. It also introduces two new in-game currencies called Chicken Medal and Silver Bullet. Additionally, there’s a new 4v4 mode as well where two four-member squads will battle for glory.

Starting with the two in-game currencies, Chicken Medals can be used to exchange with paid crates. Players can receive Chicken Medals from daily login events, Lite Pass and Lite Pass: Premium rewards, challenge missions, daily missions, playday and community events. From this update onwards, a new button will be visible while buying crates that can be used instead of spending L-Coins. Based on the price of the crate, the exchange rate may vary but by default, it’s four Chicken Medals for one crate.

Coming to Silver Bullets, players can acquire it when they scrap skin items. Earlier, scraping an item would give them BP but henceforth, players will receive Silver Bullets as an exchange. Items can be bought from the Silver Bullet Store using this currency.

Lite Pass Season 2 is the biggest update in the game and it will run for eight weeks. It has already begun (from 10 October) and it will end on 12 December with scheduled maintenance on 5 December. Just like the previous season, there are daily missions and challenge missions where players can win rewards and gain XP. For those who wish to get more rewards, they can buy the Lite Pass: Premium and Lite Pass: Premium Plus packs.

Finally, Team Deathmatch is arriving on PUBG Lite in a 4v4 mode. Two four-member squads will be fighting out in a small deserted warehouse map and the first team to reach 40 kills will win the round. SOURCE - TECH2

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