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PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update Now Rolling Out

22 Jan, 2020

PUBG Corp. has released a new update for PUBG Mobile. The latest 0.15.0 update introduces new game modes, vehicles, weapons, items and skins, . The patch notes for 0.15.0 update reveal further details about the new additions to the game.

Payload Mode

Payload Mode comes with heavy weapons recall system, a helicopter, Vehicle Repair Packs to the game and Super Weapon Crates. The new Payload Mode weapons include MGL Grenade Launcher, M79 Grenade Launcher, RPG-7 , M3E1-A, and M134 Minigun. In this game mode, players can revive their teammates by taking them to the Communication Tower and collecting their ID cards . Players can also collect air drop and fly helicopters , Payload Mode weapons, level 3 armor, and more with Super Weapon Crates.

Players can fix vehicles using Vehicle Repair Pack and call in air strikes to attack multiple enemies simultaneously. However, the Payload Mode is not available to players yet and will be coming to the game soon.

New Features

The 0.15.0 update introduces ledge grab mechanism that allows players to climb buildings to reach places, which were previously inaccessible. By climbing on buildings, players can get a better vantage point in a map. The new pubg mobile update also brings explosive barrels that can be activated using bullets or throwables to attack nearby enemies.

Survive Till Dawn

The game also introduces Survive Till Dawn Halloween mode that contains modified skybox, background objects and colors along with Halloween-themed monsters. The game mode also comes with a factories that can be defeated to gain more rewards and hostile human faction in abandoned strongholds. Players can also obtain special bio-warfare equipment by killing zombies.

Weapons and Vehicles

The new update brings the Desert Eagle, which has the highest damage and muzzle velocity among all pistols. The weapon fires .45 ACP ammo and can be attached with Holographic Sight, Mira Red Dot, Laser Sight, and magazines to improve accuracy.

An amphibious armored vehicle named BRDM-2 is included in the game. BRDM-2 can travel over water and is equipped with bulletproof tires. The vehicle can be summoned only with a Flare Gun.

The PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update also comes with new grenade finishes, parachuting and gliding items. FPP training ground, rookie missions, partner rewards, as well as performance, graphics, and gameplay improvements.SOURCE- IGN india 

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