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PUBG Lite Update Introduces New Weapon, Items, Killer Spectate Feature, And More

22 Jan, 2020

The latest PUBG Lite update brings new healing mechanism, throwable weapon system, weapon, and items. The patch notes of new PUBG Lite update also suggest that the game has now fixed a host of bugs.

Rehabilitate healing and boost items 

valuable healing and boost things can be used while walking with the newest update. Bandages will also be applied continuously until a player runs out of bandages or when they reach the maximum amount that bandages heal, which is 75% HP. If a player gets hit while using the First Aid Kit, a recovery bar will be shown and the amount of healing will be reduced according to the damage dealt.


The newly update brings a new weapon named the Skorpion, which can be obtained in every map. Skorpion is a handgun that uses 9mm rounds and can hold 20 bullets by default or 40 bullets with an extended mag. The handgun has two firing modes, single and full-auto. The Skorpion can be equipped with several attachments including a red-dot scope, silencer, vertical grip, half grip, light grip, SMG stock, and extended mag.

Enhanced throwable weapon system

Throwables will not take up space in the backpack. The developers are also working on  new feature that will allow players to cook a grenade by pulling the pin before throwing it. this features may added in pubg lite in a future update.

New items 

Seaside crate with beach-themed items is now available until November 21. A Halloween crate will also be in the store until November 7.

The latest PUBG Lite update also adds a new Daily Login system, where specific rewards can be claimed only on certain days, and a killer spectate feature that enables players to spectate their killers. SOURCE - IGN india 

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