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PUBG Mobile's New Character 'Sara' To Arrive Soon

26 Nov, 2019

During the rollout of 0.15.5 update, the developers of PUBG Mobile had announced that a new female character named Sara will be added to the game. Sara will be a vehicle expert, who can reinforce vehicles that she drives with other players. However, her ability can only be used in EVO modes. Now, the official Twitter handle of PUBG Mobile has offered additional details about the new character.

PUBG Mobile is currently offering character vouchers, which can be unlocked by completing missions in an ongoing event. The collected vouchers will enable players to unlock Sara, whenever she is added to the game. While the developers have not revealed the exact date of Sara’s arrival, the ongoing event suggests that the character will be added really soon.

A future update of PUBG Mobile will introduce a Companion System along with the Falcon. Players can collect materials for the Falcon and get companion shards from the Shop or with Royale Pass to unlock several items including Falcon skin and companion food, among others.SOURCE- IGN india 

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