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DO YOU KNOW PUBG Mobile Gets 600 Million Downloads

27 Jan, 2020

The official Twitter handle of PUBG Mobile has revealed that the game has been downloaded 600 million times globally. This may not be a surprise as PUBG Mobile has become immensely popular since launch. The game is especially popular in India and other Asian countries; it should also be considered that pubg mobile is free to play.

While the mobile version of PUBG has managed to maintain its success, the PC version has struggled to do so. According to recent reports, PUBG has lost 82% of its player base since January 2018. One of the reasons for this decline could be PUBG PC’s competitors like Fortnite. Considering that Fortnite is free to play and offers continuous support, and a vibrant and colorful approach to the genre, many players prefer it over PUBG.

The number of downloads for PUBG Mobile are much higher than PC and console versions. The player base of PUBG Mobile is expected to continue growing as the developers consistently push out new updates with interesting content and try to reduce the impact of in-game hacking. SOURCE - IGN india

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