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PUBG To Test New Motor Glider This Weekend

21 Dec, 2019

PUBG is getting its first ever player-controlled aircraft, Motor Glider in PUBG Labs. The Motor Glider is available in PUBG Labs from yesterday at 12.30 PM until December 23 at the same time. The aircraft will spawn randomly across maps such as Erangel and Miramar.

The Motor Glider will accommodate two players and they can fire or use throwables like molotovs against their enemies. Players will need to reach a maximum speed of 70 km/h to take off and they can use stick throttle to lock in forward acceleration. However, the fuel consumption of Motor Glider is tied to the engine speed. So, a higher amount of throttle will decrease the fuel level significantly. Players also have to note that the engine will start losing power as the altitude increases.


The Motor Glider's wings can take more damage compared to its engine. However, its tires are indestructible. This will allow players to glide even after the engine is disabled and land in a safe location.

PC players can test the Motor Glider for this weekend only. SOURCE - IGN india 

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