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PUBG Mobile Adds Payload + War Mode In EvoGround and More

26 Dec, 2019

PUBG Mobile’s recent 0.16.0 update had added a new RageGear mode and some winter-themed additions like Snow Paradise. At the time, it seen like this could be the last PUBG Mobile content update for 2019. However, that is not the case. The developers of pubg have added a new game mode that combines two existing EvoGround modes.

The new EvoGround mode is known Payload + War. As the name suggests, the game mode added War mode and Payload mode. In this mode, players will be dropped in the match area and they will respawn after they are killed. However, once the play zone is restricted, players will not respawn. This gives the game mode a traditional battle royale ending. Players can use rocket launchers and grenade launchers to attack their opponents.

The game has also combines two new outfit sets including the Rudolf Suit, which is included in the PUBG Lucky Crate, and Charming Reindeer Set that can be found in Classic Crates. Along with these, the game has a Winter Card Workshop event, where players have to look for coloured balls to create their own Winter Card. This event will go on until January 1. SOURCE - IGN india

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