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Why 2020 could be the best year for gaming

01 Jan, 2020



what if, the upcoming games can be run without good or expensive hardwares ? In the coming years it seens that you will not need a console or a gaming PC to play AAA title games. A trend we expect to see highlighted at CES 2020 in Las Vegas (which is going to be on 7th Jan 2020 to 10th jan 2020) is cloud gaming. The year 2019 saw a huge shift toward cloud gaming platforms, which let users play games online across various devices through a host gaming server. Google, Microsoft and Apple over the last year all launched gaming services that don't require consoles, and it's quite likely that we'll see other tech and gaming titans tossing their hats into the cloud gaming ring in 2020. (That said, consoles will be getting a new lease on life later in 2020 with the expected arrival of Sony's PlayStation 5.)


Apple Arcade makes casual play easy wherever you are and doesn't require an expensive console purchase. Instead, subscribers download games from the App Store.

Google's cloud gaming service, Google Stadia, launched in November, offering console gamers a serious gaming option, minus the console. Though Stadia still has some kinks to work out, CNET's Scott Stein's review of Stadia says the service works over TVs, laptops and Pixel phones, the controller is comfortable to hold and it's easy to resume saved games when swapping devices -- delivering on some of the promise of cloud gaming. 

Microsoft's Project xCloud gaming service could give Stadia some hot competition -- CNET's Oscar Gonzalez calls it "the cloud gaming service to watch." Though xCloud is still in preview, Microsoft plans to release more features in 2020. The service is meant to be an extension of Microsoft's consoles, and the company said it would be integral to its next console, the Xbox Series X. Project xCloud's unlimited storage space means that players can access Xbox games without having to download them -- a major benefit.


Gaming isn't a one-size-fits-all experience, but few people would turn their nose up at a more convenient or accessible experience. Cloud gaming opens more possibilities and audiences -- whether the console is removed from the equation or serves as an extension of the playing experience. While it's unlikely that we'll see consoles disappear completely, cloud gaming is already shaking up the industry.


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