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Do you know PUBG Mobile can bring a Snow Bike and Domination Mode in 0.16.5 Update !

03 Jan, 2020

PUBG Mobile's season is going to end on January 7, which suggests that the next update will start rolling out next week. the upcoming update will indroduce season 11 with new missions,royale Pass,skins, and new themes.

 pubg mobile new update may get a new vehicle, Snowbike added for vikendi only.The Snowbike will replace normal bike in vikendi and it will spawn randomly in the map in place of Bike.PUBG Mobile  may also launch a new mode for its users. The mode called ‘Domination’ seems to be inspired by Call of Duty’s popular mode with the same name and the new 'Domination' mode has already been added to pubg mobile latest beta updates. In this game mode, players are divided into two teams and they have to capture 3 points, A, B, and C. A new point will be unlocked at a specific time interval of 3 minutes and 40 seconds. The team that captures the highest number of points wins. This game mode could take place in a new map named Town.

A Classic Team Deathmatch Mode named Arena Training may also be added in 0.16.5 update. Here, players won’t need to select their loadout and they can pick up weapons from the lobby. Along with these, the update will also bring a host of gameplay improvements and bug fixes. SOURCE - IGN india

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