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Do you know 'Tactical map marker' may come to PUBG Mobile in upcoming 0.17.0 update

27 Jan, 2020

To make PUBG Mobile even better, the developers are now pushing out new updates frequently, which bring several number of additions in the game. After the massive success of Season 11 Royale Update, players are now eagerly waiting for the next PUBG Mobile version 0.17.0 update. To satiate the eagerness of the players, the official beta version of PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 has already been released.

The beta version of PUBG Mobile has reportedly added tactical map marker in the game. Using the tactical map marker, players can quickly communicate with their team members. It includes options such as Enemies Ahead, Loot Drop, Danger, Regroup, Defend, and some others.To use the tactical map marker, players have to enable it in the settings menu. After enabling the option, the chat section in the game is replaced by tactical map marker.The feature is ready to be uses in the current beta version of PUBG Mobile. SOURCE - IGN india 

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