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PUBG Mobile player uses Arctic Mode drones to make his car fly; check out video

26 Apr, 2020

This neat PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode trick is the most creative implementation of the drones we have seen in the new game mode.

Popular battle royale title PUBG Mobile recently added the support for drones in its Arctic Mode games. The feature allows players to use drones to survey an area before charging in, or to recon while camping. However, one user took the implementation of these drones to another level altogether. By gathering three to four drones, the user placed them under his car, proceeding to pull the drones in the air together, along with the car! 

Various users on Reddit are still debating over whether the new revelation is a bug that slipped past developers, or simply a creative use-case that even they didn’t realize. Some users even suggest that just two drones are enough to do the trick for most vehicles.Apparently, the PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode car-lifting trick also works better if you take the drones inside the car and lift it from there. While the under-the-car approach is also doable, it is reportedly harder to control. Here is the clip. 

The PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode trick is actually pretty handy if you can do it right. You would technically be able to take your car over entire towns in Vikendi through the blizzard. Even if you’re not trying to move forward, which by the looks of it, appears very difficult, you can also use this trick to your advantage in various other ways.

For instance, staying up in the air would grant you height leverage and hence, a great vantage point. This would be very useful for a teammate with a sniper who could not spot other squads or campers easily from above. However, not that unless your firing is suppressed, you’d only have one shot before the sound makes someone else look up to see a car in the air with a squad in it. If that happens, your entire squad is practically a sitting (or flying) duck in the air, waiting to be shot down.

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