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PUBG devs add bots to the PS4 and Xbox version of the game

27 Apr, 2020

The devs have shared a whole blog explaining this decision to add bots to the console version of PUBG.

The devs of the battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has introduced bots on the console version of the game. The devs have shared a whole blog explaining this decision. The devs write that with the game being on the consoles for a while a certain player base has become rather skilled. Hence matching these people with lower skilled players is unfair. To balance this out bots are being added to the game.

They have shared the mechanics of how bots will work in terms of movement and how they will spawn. The bots will have a the skills to use bullet drop mechanics and even understand proper aiming at players. Hence they can be dodged like you are dodging normal players. They will also have loot and will be killed a lot, hence they will not carry a lot of loot each.

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