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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Combat Gameplay Shows New Area of Effect Attacks and More !

22 Oct, 2020

The combat of Spider-Man: Miles Morales is going to be quite a bit different to that of the 2018 game from Insomniac.

Breaking down combat details in the video from Game Informer below is Spider-Man: Miles Morales game director Christian Cameron. The director says that the introduction of the new venom abilities really changes up combat, putting a greater emphasis on area-of-effect attacks.

This is mainly because you're often going to faced with a crowd of enemies in Miles Morales. Venom attacks are meant to be firstly used on a group of enemies, before Miles swings in to chain other attacks together for some deadly finisher moves.

There's also a bunch of new gadgets for Miles to play around with. Again, these devices are meant to be used in tandem with Miles' combat abilities, so you're chaining together regular attacks with devices like mines to take down multiple enemies.

Cameron also briefly discusses suit mods in Miles Morales. There's two types of suit modifications: one for your visor, for example you'll be able to see when enemies can view your stealth attack targets, and there's mods for your suit to enhance things like your venom attacks.

In all, there's some pretty significant changes to combat for Miles Morales. There's under a month now until the standalone expansion to the 2018 game launches on November 12, for both the PS4 and

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